Valérie den Hertog was looking for a sparring partner: "It felt good to do that together with High Potential Academy." Read more here!

Valérie was looking for a sparring partner

Valérie den Hertog (27) got in touch with High Potential Academy through a fellow Potential. She knew very well what her qualities were and what gave her energy, but she needed to talk about how to translate them into the job market. Curious about her experience? Then read on.


Background Valérie

Valérie has completed her bachelor’s degree in Media Information and Communication and is currently completing her master’s in Policy, Communication & Organization in Amsterdam. During her study career, Valerie has not been idle. She had several jobs and a part-time managerial position at Enactus Vrije Universiteit.

High Potential Academy- programme

“During my bachelor I came into contact with High Potential Academy via Studentflex. The programme appealed to me even then, but it was still a little too early to start. During my master’s, I contacted the Community Manager Quirine again. I knew very well what I am good at and what I like, but how do I make the right connection to the labour market? I wanted to spar about that. It felt good to do that together with High Potential Academy.”

What important insights have you come to during the programme?

“I have now completed the High Potential Academy programme and I really like it. What you put in, you also get back. You are given useful tools, for example, so that you can then take the next step with a critical eye. The floor map is given, as it were, but you have to build it yourself. Lavy (Talent Development Coach & Trainer), whose guidance I really enjoyed. Super concrete and a clear story, without fuss and well focused on the content. There was room for openness and vulnerability.”

I would recommend the High Potential Academy trajectory to everyone. You invest in yourself and that is never disappointing. The programme has confirmed that I am currently in the right corner. I have also learned to stay close to myself, to do what I like and that I can excel in that. It gives me confidence in the start of my career.

Do you have any ambitions?

“I would like to be an entrepreneur within a company or outside of one, which is why I consciously choose a starter’s job to gain commercial experience. During my studies I gained more psychological knowledge and that in combination with commercial skills seems a valuable combination to me. I would therefore like to start a traineeship in the direction of sales/marketing and/or category management.”

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