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"The one-on-one coaching sessions and diving into your personality together were very valuable to me. Lavy and Anneloes were both great conversational partners. By answering critical questions and getting to the heart of things, you learn to reflect on yourself in a much more conscious way. Why exactly do you like a certain work culture or activity? I have that more clearly for myself now."

Carlijn Kolkman | Law school

"Because of my wide-ranging interests, I have always found it difficult to state exactly what I want. I wanted to give this better shape through the High Potential Academy program. The program gave me the tools I was looking for and needed to start the process for myself: what do I want, what do I like and where do the things I like fit in on the labor market. Everything I learned here is useful during my orientation and application process."

Coot Uelen | Financial Economics

"I enjoyed the program. It is nice to get to know yourself better, but also to discover what kind of companies are right for you. Secretly you know what you are good at, but it is also nice to get confirmation of what you are good at and where you might be less good. In addition, I enjoyed getting to know other Potentials from the program during the training sessions. Because many Potentials are working students or are on an internship at different companies, you can get more inside information in an accessible way and discover whether these companies appeal to you".

Elisabeth Yong | Bachelor Economie & Bedrijfskunde | master Finance

"During my time as a student, I have always been busy planning my career path. The High Potential Academy route, therefore, seemed very interesting to me. The coaching sessions in particular have stayed with me. I would describe the contact as warm and involved. The atmosphere that I sensed from High Potential Academy was: "we have capable starters and we want them to be well placed". An insight that helped me a lot, then, is that as a starter you also have to want something: "they have to offer me something, I have to want it as well."

Sam van den Brink | Consumer Psychology | Operations Associate bij Flexport

"I felt I needed the High Potential Academy program to clarify several things. What exactly do I want to do? What type of companies do I want to apply to and how am I going to do that? The conversations during the one-on-one coaching sessions quickly became in-depth. Motivations and things that I had never really thought about before were questioned. The preparatory assignments, before a training or coaching session, were the perfect way for me to think about this. The program gave me the answers I was looking for.

Wouter Donders | Master Mechanical Engineering | Technical Trainee Tata Steel Europe

"I wanted to find out what I can do at work and where I could best use my qualities. I also wanted to get a better picture of myself, who I am, and what I am looking for. It was nice to gain insight into that and to be able to develop your professional identity with the help of the talent development program. During and after the training sessions and coach talks, you are challenged to think, to reflect on yourself, and to take a critical look at yourself. This enables you to get a lot out of the program, more than if you only received information."

Sanne Middelhoek | Master Financial Economics | Business Consultant PostNL

"I knew exactly what I am good at and what I like. But how to make a suitable connection to the labor market? I wanted to spar about that. It felt good to do that together with High Potential Academy. I have now completed the program and it worked out well for me. What you put in, you also get back. For example, you will be given useful tools that can help you take the next step with a critical eye. The shovel, as it were, is given, but you have to dig the hole yourself. Among other things, I have learned to stay close to myself, to do what I like and that I can excel at it. It gives me confidence in the start of my career."

Valérie den Hertog | Master Policy, Communication & Organization | Junior Brand Manager Nestlé

In Delft, Karima is being educated to become a technical generalist. She thought it was time to look for a counterbalance and to find out what she really wants and connected herself to the network of High Potential Academy: "High Potential Academy challenged me to be more aware of what I want and what my goals are when I look at my career. In Delft I am in a 'technical bubble'. The sessions with fellow Potentials, among others, brought me new insights and broadened my view. I have experienced the program as very valuable". Read more here: https://old.hipoacademy.nl/en/news/karima-almoujy/

Karima Almoujy | Master's in Engineering Physics

"I came into contact with High Potential Academy and started an (accelerated) coaching and training programme parallel to the contact with Studentflex. High Potential Academy has helped me actively linking my personality and talents to the labour market. The High Potential Academy trajectory resulted in a nice job at one of your partners, Ciphix."

Danique Vreeburg | Master Business Administration | Managementtrainee PON

“I felt a pressure to make the right choices. High Potential Academy brought me a lot of confirmation. High Potential Academy offers an objective environment in which you can say everything out loud & you are challenged in this. For me this was very affirmative. I had an proper idea about what I like and want to grow to, but I was over-analyzing this. High Potential Academy gave me the tools to move forward in the right direction. I have my story figured out, this helped me a lot and led to a successful application.” Read more about Floors experience here: https://bit.ly/floortestimonialeng

Floor Wielinga | Master Financial Economics | Deals Trainee at PwC

"I came into contact with other students from different study backgrounds and that was really cool! Talking about your (career) choices and ambitions expand my horizons. This gives me a lot of energy. High Potential Academy helps me to put my mind down on paper, gain insights and make a decision for myself." Read more about Beerends experience here: https://bit.ly/beerendtestimonialeng

Beerend Gerats | Master Interaction Technology en Computer Science | PhD at MeanderMC Amersfoort

“High Potential Academy offered me a great opportunity to think critically about my first job & career during my Master year. Being able to put into words what I find important and how this translates to the job market is very valuable." Read more about Julia's experience here: https://bit.ly/juliatestimonialeng

Julia Weekenstroo | Master Marketing | E-commerce traineeship at Decathlon

"High Potential Academy offered the great opportunity to continue to develop and challenge myself during my master's programme. The contact moments were easy to combine with my studies." Through Studentflex Wouter came in contact with High Potential Academy. "A nice interaction between yourself, your peers and the experts of High Potential Academy create a nice atmosphere and above all an enormous drive for further development. You are challenged to take initiative and to involve others in this. This works inspiring and broadens your field of vision." Read more about Wouters experience here: https://bit.ly/woutertestimonialeng

Wouter Verberne | Master Business Information Management | Consultant Data Analytics at EY

"In a world where nothing is enough and expectations are high, well-considered choices are all the more important. What do I find important and how do I translate this to potential employers?" Through a Potential, Tessa came into contact with High Potential Academy. Tessa would recommend the contact with High Potential Academy if you want to structure your thoughts and make a well-considered decision for your first job. Read more about Tessa's experience here: https://bit.ly/tessatestimonialeng

Tessa Geelen | Master in Business Administration | Global Clearing Graduate Programme at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank

"How do I decide what's most important to me? And how do I find this back in my first job?" Haike noticed that many different themes caught her attention. Via via she came into contact with High Potential Academy. Haike would definitely recommend the program if you like to think critically about your career. The conversations and events are incredibly inspiring and you learn a lot. Read more about Haike's experience here: https://bit.ly/haiketestimonialeng

Haike Mulder | Master Management of the Public Sector | Client Account Manager at Deloitte

"During my master's programme, I wanted to give direction to my fickleness and started the High Potential Academy program. Where do I come into my own well, where am I happiest and where can I develop myself well in the long term?" Charlotte noticed that she is interested in different things and that her study background allowed her to go in many different directions. The contact moments gave her new insights, but also taught her to structure her choices and to cross out. The programme really helped Charlotte with her application process. Being able to express who she is, what she is good at and what she wants to achieve has resulted in a successful application! Read more about Charlotte's experience here: https://bit.ly/charlottetestimonialeng

Charlotte Vollebregt | Master Media en Business | Business Analyst at Deloitte Digital

"During my board year at the Veerstichting, I changed my mind to become a diplomat. High Potential Academy has given me handles in my orientation in other sectors and company cultures. As a student, you sometimes forget to step out of the delusion of the day, you don't just do that. You do have conversations with friends about your future, but High Potential Academy gives me clear tools to find out which starter position suits me best to achieve my ambition. The Talent Development Coach is good at asking reflective questions. You are triggered to take a critical look at your qualities. In addition, the Labour Market Orientation Training was really an eye-opener for me. I was now able to link my talents to a company culture and sector." Read more about Cassie's experience here: https://bit.ly/cassietestimonialeng

Cassie Tingen | Master Economics and Governance | Finance & Risk Trainee at van Lanschot Kempen

"During my master's programme, I got in touch with High Potential Academy. What appealed to me is that the story of the student, of me, is the fundamental idea: What are my strengths and in which company do I stand out best? Often you do know what you want - but you need someone who asks the right questions and thinks along with you. Of course I have conversations about the future with my friends and/or parents. Even though they want to help you, this is often subjective. High Potential Academy as an objective sparring partner got me thinking. The contact moments with the Talent Development Coach were a big stick and worked very affirmative." Read more about Jaaps experience here: https://bit.ly/jaaptestimonialeng

Jaap Wagenaar | Master Policy, Organisation and Communication | Consultant Strategy and Change at FProfs

"After my master's, I was in doubt whether to go for a traineeship or to start my own business. The conversations at High Potential Academy helped me enormously: I found out what gives me energy and what I really find important in my working life. I then made the choice for my own company: AYCE, an ice cream brand that makes cocktails in the form of a sorbet with 5% alcohol. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to make something that I can use my creativity in." Read more about Rubens experience here: https://bit.ly/rubentestimonialeng

Ruben List | Graduate Master in Supply Chain Management | Consultant at Slimstock & Co-founder AYCE

"I thought it would be good for me to reflect a little more about the choices I made. During my bachelor's I was prepared for a master's degree in Supply Chain Management, but I also realized that I was interested in Marketing. It was difficult for me to form an idea of where I would be working later on. I just had the last meeting and what I liked about the trajectory so much is that it forced me to think about my own intrinsic motivation and choices without letting myself be influenced too much by what was expected of me by others. It brought a refreshing look at the things I do. I learned to listen to myself more and that why I’m now on the look for my first job in brandmanagement or marketing intelligence!" Read more about Elske's experience here: https://bit.ly/elsketestimonialeng

Elske van Randwijk | Master Marketing Intelligence | Business Analyst at DDB Unlimited

"I've just started the High Potential Academy program and I've finished the first two coaching sessions. For me, the programme is important because I’m trying to find out what I like and where I see myself working. The first conversation with the Talent Development Coach was quite confronting: she kept on asking questions about the motivations behind my answers. I never had a conversation about this with anyone before. It was incredibly insightful! I am already so happy that I’ve started with the program, because of my enthusiasm my roommate also started with the trajectory. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!" Read more about Maud's experience here: https://bit.ly/maudtestimonialeng

Maud Hendriksen | Master Biomedical Technology | Technology Consultant First Consulting

"During my interviews I received feedback that I really knew myself. High Potential Academy has had a positive contribution to my successful application. My period as a working student at Adyen also gave me a lot of knowledge and experience, which I still apply in my work every day."

Tiara Crol | Master in Transport and Supply Chain Management | Eurosparen Platform Manager at FrieslandCampina

"I realized my master's wasn’t challenging enough, but I also didn't know which way I do wanted to go: consultancy, the legal profession or politics? A second master's was an option, but I had huge doubts about that as well. Through a fellow student I came into contact with High Potential Academy. The conversation with Lavy (Talent Development Coach) reassured me: I was able to figure out where I get energy from, but also how to get the most out of my master’s. I now know that I don't want to do a second master's and I have a clearer idea of what I want to work towards. The process has given me a lot of clarity so far. " Read more about Nanne's experience here: https://bit.ly/nannetestimonialeng

Nanne van Doorn | Graduate Master in International Business and Climate Law | Associate Consultant bij Bain & Company

"After my bachelor's degree in law and working as a student in the legal profession, I asked myself the question: Do I want to become a lawyer? That's why I signed up for the program. The High Potential Academy program is valuable for me, as a student, in two ways: finding out what drives me and then being able to tell it properly. Once I'm able to tell this, I can more easily understand what kind of position and corporate culture suits me. I am halfway through the process and I now realize what I find important to find back within a company culture. After all, I want to develop myself in an environment where colleagues are critical on themselves and others. I also find it important that colleagues dare to push themselves and others and push boundaries in order to develop themselves. That is already an important realization." Read more about Mauryn's experience: https://bit.ly/mauryntestimonialeng

Mauryn Jonkhout | LLM student Private Law | Leiden University

"The High Potential Academy showed me how to look at my potential career paths in a refreshingly different way. Interesting profile interviews and great coaching conversations mean that I'm going to make much more conscious decisions in future. I thoroughly recommend the High Potential Academy course."

Erwin Koning | Master Accountancy | Analyst Finance & Performance - Business Finance at Deloitte Consulting

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