Elisabeth shares her experience with the High Potential Academy program, which brought her closer to her first job. Curious? Read more!

Testimonial: Elisabeth Yong

Elisabeth Yong (23) got in touch with High Potential Academy via via. After completing her bachelor Economics & Business Administration and her master Finance, she did not know exactly what she was looking for in her first job. In preparation for the application process, she decided to go through the High Potential Academy programme. Elisabeth shares her experience. 


What was your reason for contacting High Potential Academy?

“Through a friend, I got in touch with High Potential Academy. I didn’t know what I was looking for in my first job and I didn’t know how to get the answers. In addition, I had never applied for a job before and I wanted to learn more about my talents and pitfalls. After the intake interview with Community Manager Quirine, I was convinced that the program would help me in my search and I registered.”

How would you describe your contact with High Potential Academy?

“The contact was pleasant. I could be scheduled immediately and they were easy to contact if I had any questions. I also often received a personal message asking how I was doing and if there was anything else they could help with. It was nice to know that if I ran into something, I could knock on their door. I really liked the fact that everyone was so involved.

What was your experience with High Potential Academy?

“I really enjoyed the program. It is nice to get to know yourself better, but also to discover what kind of companies are right for you. Secretly you know what you are good at, but it is also nice to get confirmation of what you are good at and where you might be less good. In addition, I really enjoyed getting to know other Potentials from the program during the training sessions. Because many Potentials are working students or are on an internship at different companies, you can get more inside information in an accessible way and discover whether these companies appeal to you. The ball will start rolling and you will be one step closer to your first job.

What’s next?

“Through the High Potential Academy program, I discovered what type of company culture suits me. Adyen appealed to me enormously. As of November 1st, I will start at Adyen as a Graduate Business Analyst in the Merchant Finance & Treasury team. I’m really looking forward to it!”


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