About High Potential Academy

High Potential Academy is an agency for the development of talent. We give talent a broader view of themselves, the job market and society. Every talent needs that view. Whether it’s about an internship at a multinational, a following step in a consultancy career or choosing a start-up.

It always begins with someone’s own story, their own motivation. Every decision in life and career is made based on self-knowledge. By actively getting to work with your competences, so you can develop them. High Potential Academy lets you do that. And for those who already know what they can, what they want and what their ambitions are, we can help them find exactly the right spot in the job market.

A Brief History of High Potential Academy

Maurits: “We wanted an environment in which you would be challenged. Be challenged to take a critical look at yourself and your environment and make decisions based on that. That results in a much more durable commitment.”

Kasper: “That’s what we often see around us: it’s not about durable relationships. Unfortunately, it’s the same in our own sector, Recruitment. High Potential Academy is changing all that.”

Guts? Apply to High Potential Academy!

People with guts who are always alert and want to get on are just right for High Potential Academy. Get in touch if you find one of our vacancies interesting. Nothing jumps out at you, but you think you’re got something to offer? Show you’ve got guts and phone us, or just walk into one of our hubs!

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