Coot Uelen shares her experience with the High Potential Academy program, which has brought her many insights. Curious? Then read on.

Testimonial: Coot Uelen

Coot Uelen (24) lives in Rotterdam and here she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business Economics. Currently, she is completing her master’s in Financial Economics and is doing an internship with our partner Teslin, in order to get a better idea of what she wants to do after her studies. In order to better plan her future career path, she also decided to follow the High Potential Academy program. Coot shares her experience!


How did you get in touch with High Potential Academy?

“One and a half years ago, I was looking for a job with a difference in content. That is how I came into contact with Studentflex, the parent company of the High Potential Academy. After several discussions, they said that the High Potential Academy program would be a good fit for me, as it would help me prepare well for the application process.”

Why did you contact High Potential Academy?

“Because of my wide-ranging interests, I have always found it difficult to define what exactly I want. I wanted to use the program to give this better shape. I hoped to get some tools and to be able to take steps to make that clearer, but also to learn to name my qualities and competencies better.”

What is your experience with High Potential Academy?

“Very positive! It was nice to speak to other Potentials who are in the same situation as you are. That you can share things with them during the training and exchange perspectives in a fun and interactive way. It’s also nice to spar with people who know about it and to discuss things that concern you throughout the entire process.”

What important insights have you come to?

“The tools I was looking for and needed to start the process for myself: what do I want, what do I like and where do the things I like fit well on the labor market. So to actively go on that quest. It has given me more peace. Everything I learned here, I can put to good use during my orientation and application process.”

Where are you standing now?

“I have now completed the program. Through High Potential Academy, I am currently doing an internship at Teslin within the investment team. Hopefully, I will graduate in March and the application process can start. I haven’t decided what exactly that will be yet, so it’s still an active process going on!”


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