Carlijn shares her experience with the High Potential Academy program, which has brought her a lot. Curious? Then read on.

Testimonial: Carlijn Kolkman

Carlijn Kolkman (25) lives in Utrecht and studied law there. To discover which direction she wants to take in her career, she decided to follow the High Potential Academy program. Is Law the field in which she wants to develop herself further? Or is the business world a better fit for her? Carlijn shares her experience.


How did you get in touch with High Potential Academy?

“Through my board year at Integrand Netherlands. My predecessor had set up a collaboration with High Potential Academy, so I took over the contact form Integrand afterward. At that time, I was searching for what exactly I want and what direction I want to take in my career, after which Quirine, Community Manager, told me more about the program.”

Why did you contact High Potential Academy?

“Through my board year at Integrand Netherlands, I discovered certain qualities in myself, which made me start thinking about which function would suit me well in a first job. I wanted to explore this idea through the program. After positive experiences from Integrand and good contact with Quirine, I decided to get in touch for my search.”

What is your experience with High Potential Academy?

“The one-on-one coaching sessions and diving into your personality together were very valuable to me. Lavy and Anneloes were both great conversational partners. By answering critical questions and getting to the heart of things, you learn to reflect on yourself in a much more conscious way. Why exactly do you like a certain work culture or activity? I now have that more clearly for myself.

I also got to know other Potentials during the training and discovered that many of my peers have the same struggles. During the training, I also discovered that there are many more types of jobs and companies. You quickly think “oh, I have to apply there”, but there is so much more. That was an eye-opener for me.”

Where are you standing now?

“In the coming months, I am going to orient myself and apply for jobs. Through the program, I have found out that I have to stay close to myself, so how does something feel, and does it suit me? That way I know how to trust my gut feeling and reassure myself. After all, the right fit for a job has to come from both sides. I have not yet chosen in the legal or business world. We will find out, but I have faith in that.”

How will High Potential Academy help you in the future?

“I have found the Alumni Network of High Potential Academy very useful so far. I have already called people from this network more often to orientate myself. You have a common denominator, namely the course that we have followed and the fact that we have all consciously been busy with a piece of career development. That immediately creates a bond. I’ve noticed that people are willing to tell you a lot about their own experiences and the organizations they work for, which in turn helps me take further steps. Very valuable!

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