Quirine de Planque

Community Manager

Quirine is our Community Manager

Quirine completed her masters in Corporate Communication at the beginning of 2017. She has always combined her student days with a fanatic hockey career. Because Quirine wanted to take a critical look at her professional career, she came into contact with High Potential Academy. In us she found a sounding board to share all her thoughts and to determine for herself her interests and future wishes. At this moment, as Community Manager, she responds to the needs of our candidates. Quirine organises various training courses and inspiring events so that talent can develop in different ways.

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Testimonial Floor: How do I choose right?


Floor felt the need to make her 'professional insecurity' concrete. What are my qualities, what are the options on the labor market, how does this relate to each other and how do I choose right? Read more!

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Testimonial Ruben: traineeship or own company?


Ruben talks about the doubts he had about starting his own company or a traineeship. High Potential Academy helped him understand what energizes him and what is important to him. Now he has his own company: AYCE. Read more!

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Motivation: don’t tackle back but tackle good


Our own employee Quirine de Planque gives her a fresh look. For years she practiced top-class sport and now she looks back on it with a lot of pleasure. Not only the fun things have brought her a lot of positive.

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